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Welcome to The ChocoKitty store! I've opened up as a reseller of the N2Elite, along with other things as well. Thank you for visiting and enjoy yourself! I now take international orders!

Quick tips:

  • I work at the post office overnight which means I'm only up from 8pm to 11am Central time, sometimes 12. Any orders done after that time will most likely be shipped next day unless it's on a Monday or Tuesday, which I'm up all day.
  • I'M ACTUALLY A SINGLE PERSON IN THE US. Everything is done by me, myself, and I reside in the suburbs of Steger, IL, USA. I'm literally my own business so there's no need to ask if I'm shipping my items from China/Japan/etc.
  • If it's in stock, I have it in arm's reach, unless it's stated to be a pre-order.

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